Incorporated in 1997, Randall Stout Architects, Inc. (RSA) is a Los Angeles-based architectural, interiors, planning, and urban design firm, with award winning national and international projects. Under the direction of Randall Stout, FAIA, RSA has designed numerous buildings that are recognized as prominent architectural icons within and beyond their respective communities. We not only aesthetically embody the ethics and values of the clients we serve, but we also engage the public with uplifting forms and spaces that incite curiosity and respect. The firm’s broad range of project types includes museum, academic, civic, commercial, industrial, and recreational facilities.


RSA  takes great care in creating forms that are inviting and artistic without being static. Light, shadow, form, and materials all contribute to shaping a dynamic architecture that heightens one’s awareness of space and sense of discovery:  the sequences of rooms and views emphasizes the experience of the building rather than the display of form. Users are not a passive audience on a staged set but actors in their own unfolding space.


Although our work is unquestionably contemporary in nature, we do not have a singular style. We prefer to express the uniqueness of each site, its regional context, and client objectives in the design. These expressions tend toward abstraction, allowing individual interpretation and meaning. Collectively our buildings contain a narrative that expresses optimism about our culture, technology, and arts, evidencing their place in the 21st century.


Recognizing the interdependence of design innovation and functionality, RSA fields a highly talented team that methodically pursues creative design solutions. The materials used to realize these goals are often not exotic. With a proven expertise in executing complex and specialized projects, we prefer to work in a “matter-of-fact” manner, using familiar building materials with excellent life-cycle value, crafting them in ways that make the ordinary extraordinary. When completed, the building is a comprehensive response to our clients’ needs, project site, program, budget, and schedule. We delight in elevating our client’s aspirations and requirements to their highest and best potential.


RSA has completed projects in the U.S., Canada and Europe and currently holds architectural licenses in Alabama, California, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. Randall Stout is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA).





We listen intently to clients and ask numerous questions to understand their goals and philosophy, as well as their program and functional relationships. Finding the ideal functional diagram is basic to a successful project. Therefore, the firm often generates several model studies that relate to program distribution on the site, functional adjacencies, contextual issues, and massing before the form studies are begun. Neither our formal solutions nor the design references are premeditated; rather, they are the result of a highly involved study technique that utilizes models, computers, sketches, analytic diagrams, and photography, while simultaneously engaging in an intensive dialogue and relationship with the client and the site.





A significant part of our design process, relies upon the use of models at various scales to address everything from how the building fits within the neighborhood to full-size mock-ups of construction details. This highly visual, hands-on medium facilitates client understanding and participation. During this process we collaborate fully with the client and the end-users to explore and more accurately understand their goals and attitudes. Integrating the clients and users as members of the design team results in an exciting aesthetic variety. The models often range from simple wood blocks that represent massing to refined assemblies including interiors and internal lighting to create nighttime images. The ability to solve planning and program problems in relation to urban context is enhanced with this methodology. These models, despite being "process" models, serve well to build client support and community enthusiasm for projects. They also allow the engineer/consultant and contractor team to clearly visualize the project, thereby improving quality control in construction documents and clarify bidders' understanding of the construction requirements. When possible, we photograph the models, as we find the camera has a distinct way of forcing the eye to realistically evaluate visual compositions from the user's position on the ground plane. This personal view allows the client to avoid misinterpreting the views of the model (for example, as when seen only from above or from improbable angles, i.e. the helicopter view).





Where appropriate, computer applications help clarify building geometries. While our design often leads toward complex, unique forms, the computer helps us document rational and buildable solutions based on readily available construction systems and materials. Our databases reduce the need to interpret the design during the construction phase. In fact, one of our buildings, the Steinhude Sea Recreation Facility, was built without conventional construction documents. Instead, it was constructed as a panelized assembly in a factory from the three-dimensional computer databases that were created at the end of the design development phase. It was our first project for which the contractor submitted the entire building as something of a shop drawing. In the factory setting it was possible for portions of the project to be uniquely and economically fabricated by computer/robotic-driven cutting and assembly devices in a process coming to be known as "mass customization."





As a firm, we appreciate the craft of building and frequently establish working relationships with the building trades people during the design process. We  maintain strong relationships with high caliber contractors and specialty trade companies including those who are in the CNC industry. Trades craftsmen often know better than anyone else what creative direction their materials and fabrication tools will support versus what would surpass technical or cost limitations of their trade. When they are brought in early in the work process to participate with the design team, they gain a sense of ownership and commitment to the project that greatly benefits construction. These relationships allow us to explore unique materials and systems applications while maintaining constructibility CLI and controlling costs.


This intensive process leads to buildings that respond to our clients' needs. The clients' design aspirations, aesthetic preferences, site, program, budget, and schedule are integral to the generative forces for design. We delight in elevating all these to their fullest potential.







RSA  understands the impact of  design and construction not only on the micro scale, but  also how it relates to the global environment. We are firmly committed to environmental conservation through sustainable designs that utilize renewable resources and energy efficient systems. Our architectural spaces respond to the particular environmental design criteria of each site and program, resulting in a unique and symbiotic relationship between architecture, micro-climate, and site characteristics. At RSA, environmental design entails much more than the addition of solar and resource-conserving components to conventional architecture. It is an integral aspect of our holistic design process.


Recognized for producing some of the world’s most distinguished sustainable architecture, RSA has received top national awards for sustainability in Germany and the United States and in addition Randall Stout is LEED AP certified. In 2003, RSA’s Steinhude Sea Recreational Facility was selected by the U. S. Department of Energy and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment as being one of the 10 best “green” buildings by American architects. To date, RSA’s projects include an annual carbon dioxide reduction of 40,000 cubic tons in comparison to conventional construction.


Client benefits from our designs include lower energy costs, extended life cycle of mechanical and electrical systems, better employee morale, improved work place productivity, lower absenteeism rates, public endorsement regarding environmental concerns, and a healthier living and learning environment. This long-term view can also enable institutions to consider not only the initial capital expenditure, but also the project life cycle cost savings from reduced energy consumption.



    AIA Top Ten Green Award 2003: Steinhüde Sea Recreational


    Expo 2000 Tour: Four projects sanctioned by Expo for “Energy + Environment Boulevard”


    SOLTEC Award “Innovation in Technology” Germany 1998: Steinhüde Sea Recreational Facility


    “Synthesis of Form, Technology and Sustainability”, Sapienza Universitá di Roma, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale, Lecture | November 8, 2012


    "Environmental Alchemy", Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, California | February - March 2010


    Energy + Environment, EFI Gallery, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany | June 1999 - September 2000


    "Benchmarking Public Policy Mandates for Environmentally Responsible Development" at USC School of Policy, Planning and Development


    "Key to the Global Thermostat: The Architect's Role in Global Warming", at the Los Angeles Symposium


    "Solar Symposium" at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


    "Emerging Architecture" at the American Solar Energy Society National Conference.





    Art Gallery of Alberta | Edmonton, Canada | 2010


    Taubman Museum of Art | Roanoke, VA | 2009


    Dockwiler Beach Youth Center | Santa Monica, CA | 2009


    Hunter Museum of American Art | Chattanooga, TN | 2005


    Bünde Fire Station | Bünde, Germany | 2001


    Steinhüde Sea Recreational Facility | Steinhüde, Germany | 2000


    Bückeburg Gas & Water Company | Bückeburg, Germany | 1998


    Melittabad Community Aquatics Center | Minden, Germany | 1998


Known for its evocative design aesthetic, Randall Stout Architects consistently challenges architectural conventions, while transforming light, shadow, form and material into dynamic architecture.
  •                                                                      RANDALL STOUT  |  FAIA, LEED® AP, NCARB, CCIDC



    Randall Stout, FAIA, is the president and principal-in-charge of Los Angeles-based Randall Stout Architects, Inc. Directing projects worldwide, Stout’s design experience which includes cultural, civic, educational, commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational, and residential facilities. Across this broad spectrum of project types, his buildings are known for dynamic forms, state of the art technology, and environmental sustainability. Considered a visionary whose evocative design aesthetic consistently challenges architectural conventions, Stout creates environments that capture the unique composition of their surroundings, while transforming light, shadow, form, and materials into innovative architecture.


    Stout’s robust record for establishing regional, national, and international collaborations with specialists and architects also promotes a high level of project innovation and productivity. RSA has completed projects in the U.S., Canada and Europe and currently holds architectural licenses in Alabama, California, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. Randall Stout is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA).


    Holding many roles such as educator, mentor, and environmentalist, Stout is an active leader in the profession.  Frequently serving as a lecturer, adjunct professor, or studio critic at architecture schools, he has served as the E. Fay Jones Chair of Architecture at the University of Arkansas and the AC Martin Chair in Architecture at the University of Southern California. Currently Stout is Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Architecture where he also is Graduate Program Coordinator and Chair of the Graduate Council; Graduate Awards Committee. He lectures at professional and academic conferences across North America.


    Featured in international publications and exhibitions, Stout’s projects have been honored with numerous awards for excellence in design. Recently, the Taubman Museum of Art was recognized for an International Architecture Award by the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.









    States of Alabama (6224)

    California (c20852)

    Texas (10124)

    Tennessee (16,443)

    Virginia (011091)


    National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) #29679


    California Council of Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) #2415


    LEED AP | Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional






    American Institute of Architects (FAIA) #131334 College of Fellows 2003


    General Services Administration, National Registry of Peer Professionals, 2004-2006




      Member, Nominating Committee for 2012 Officers and Directors, Los Angeles Chapter American Institute of Architects


      Member, Planning Committee, “2011 Building Museums Conference”, Mid Atlantic Association of Museums


      AIA/LA & LAUSD: Working Together to Build Better Communities, 2010


      AIA Los Angeles, Fellows Nominating Committee, 2004-2006


      General Service Administration (GSA) - Design Excellence Peer Review


      AIA Los Angeles, Fellows Nominating Committee, 2004-2006


      AIA Los Angeles Chapter, Director University of Tennessee School of Architecture Board of Advisors 2002-2004


      AIA California Council, Sustainability Task Force 2001-2004


      Awards Committee 1999-2000


      Chair of Los Angeles Chapter AIA Award Exhibits Committee 1999


      Member of AIA Committee on the Environment 1997-present



      President - Randall Stout Architects, Inc. 1996-present


      Senior Associate - Frank O. Gehry & Associates, Inc. 1989-96


      Project Designer & Project Architect - Skidmore Owings & Merrill 1984-87


      Project Designer - FKP, Inc. Houston 1982-1983


      Intern Architect - Tennessee Valley Authority, Architectural Design 1979-82


      Master of Architecture, Rice University – Pittman Fellow 1988


      Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee – Summa cum laude 1981




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    Alan Landau

    Art Gallery of Alberta

    Buckeburg Gas & Water Company

    City of Bunde, Germany

    City of Chattanooga

    City of Long Beach

    City of Minden

    City of Montclair

    City of Steinhude

    Cognito Films

    Elektrizitatswerk Minden-Ravensberg GmbH

    European Center for Architecture & Art

    GLC Enterprises, LLC

    Glorious Land Company

    Holocuast Museum Houston

    Hunter Museum of Art

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    Los Angeles County

    Michael Schuminsky

    Michigan State University

    New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

    Oliver Area Redevelopment

    Robert and Tricia Blair

    Robert N. Blair

    San Juan College

    Stadt Bunde

    Stadtische Wasserwerk Bad Oeynhausen

    Taubman Museum of Art

    Trinity River Vision Authority

    University of Alabama, Birmingham

    University of California, Riverside

    Westgate LaGrange Partners, LTD.




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